by Mabe Fratti

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released August 13, 2016

Produced and mixed by Mabe Fratti
Mastering by André Gámez in Intergalactic Soundsystem

Bajo Presión Records 2016 - Record No. 103

Cover photograph by Kevin Frank

Special thanks to Jose Rodríguez Palomo, Fernando Franco, Diego Venegas, Belén and Joss from Manifesto Espacio, André Gámez, Jurek Gonzalez, Gerardo del Valle, Kevin Frank, my family, and all the friends that believed in this project before it was an actual thing.



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Mabe Fratti Guatemala City, Guatemala

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Track Name: Síntoma
You are happenning
You are cyclical

Distance falls from your eyes
Recognizing the lies

All the symptoms of tomorrow hiding always, always there.

Minutes I just want to forget, lead me somewhere else
I just want to never be there, let me be your friend

Clarity falls apart
Let it show its own heart
Track Name: Door
Get out, you'll get lucky. The traffic awaits.
But still, we'll believe in the change of our fate.

Ever happenning
You'll never understand

Any way to measure will try to suggest, and still every Sunday you'll climb again. Descend from the tower that's ivory made.

Ever happenning
You'll never understand

The stream flows down. It will be found. The angles guide to common ground.
Track Name: Key
Take my hand and hold your gold key
No one tells you where this door leads
They want your heart and sacrifice it
Give it to the ghost and eat your gold key

The careless gods
The running fools
The wasting tools
The chaining rooms
Track Name: Bed
Lying in a realism bed
There is something with my head
Burning slowly

In a metaphoric sense
There is something with your eyes
Where is hiding the mirror of the sun

See how we take the world,
Let the creatures write the plot

There is something with your eyes
Take me there and take me back
Where is hiding the mirror of the sun

See how we take the world,
Let the creatures write the plot

Let all the people
Let all the creatures
Track Name: Odyssey
These walls cannot hold what I feel
Found years of pain made up with steel

I decided where to go
I'm just finding where I'm on
I just hope that we become
Forward happens endlessly

Up in the tower
You cannot be

All the night is over me

Out there is dark, didn't find you there anyway
Should I go back? Think of something better this time.
No time, no control.